Thursday, 11 January 2018

48th Scale Character Dolls

These are a few 48th Scale Dolls I've made lately and SOLD.

This week I'm hopefully working on a couple more children,  dark skinned characters & an old fella with his dog

Thursday, 16 March 2017

A Friends New Etsy Store for Unique Magic and miniatures in 1/12 scale.

One of my lovely customers has just recently opened a New Etsy Store.  Unique Magic and Miniatures in 12th Scale.

Her Shop is Called  BibbidiBobbidiBooCo.

Here is one of her amazing pieces a 1/12 scale miniature toad and toadstool book
resting in the lap of a sleeping Witch.  The detail in her work is wonderful.

Look at the detail in this!!!!

Miniature dolls house Dragon Keeper's chest

A lovely wooden chest with tiny brass buckles and faux leather straps containing everything for a would-be Dragon Keeper (including heavy duty gloves!).

Perfect for a wizard scene.
The wooden box has been stained and waxed and has faux leather straps and buckles. It has a lift out tray containing a magnifying glass, wand, vial of dragon blood and a key.
Underneath there is a dragon egg in straw, waiting to hatch. I'm not sure of the breed unfortunately!
The egg is made from polymer clay.
There is a pair of nice heavy gloves made from faux dragon skin to protect against burns and dragon bites.... (The gloves are for display only)
There are also aged scrolls printed on parchment paper and individually aged.

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

48th Scale Dressed Rabbit

This week I've been making 48th Scale Rabbits seeing as Easter is not so far away! ;)

The first two have already Sold and I've just listed this little set in my Online Shop 

They are priced at £50 the set plus postage.

Her little basket is removeable.

My good idea's usually come around 3am! I'm really pleased with the little brolly 😃

Sunday, 5 February 2017

Fabric Teddy Bear Made with a Free Pattern.

I gave my new sewing machine a try out yesterday and made this Teddy using a free Bear pattern from

You have to sign up for her Newsletter to be able to download it.  The lady also has a number of tutorials on Youtube

I was very pleased with how he turned out.  This morning I'm on the search for a free rabbit pattern I like 😉  I've decided to keep my week-ends free during the dark months to try my hand at different crafts.

I've brought hardly any thread in the last 30 years as I had quite a stock from when I worked in a haberdashery department when I would purchase thread when it was on Sale.

I'm slowly running out so I looked around for good thread at a good price and came across Moons Overlocking thread.  It's made by Coats so I knew it would be of a good quality.  The cheaper makes you can find are often a little fluffy and not very strong.

On eBay I found 2 x boxes one of dark and one of  pale colours,  48 spools in total for £29.95 with Free postage.  There is 1000m on each spool so I think these will last me a life time.....Bargain 😊 

Saturday, 28 January 2017

Trying My New Sewing Machine Juki HZL-12Z

I brought this lovely little sewing machine as it's much smaller and lighter than the temperamental Singer I've had for the last 30 +  years (My Goodness can't believe it's that old)

It comes with good instructions.  I find it a lot easier to learning from visual instructions so the tutorials on Youtube were perfect for me.

The weight and size is just what I was hoping for.   I think in the US they call this size 3/4 machines. Even the electric foot peddle is smaller.

It's very easy to thread both the top and the bobbin and the automatic needle threader works like a dream.

I like the lever to back stitch too.

It stitches very well,  but does not sound as smooth as my old Singer.  I would of liked a stitch between the smallest No 1 and No 2.  Also the the needle does not center for straight stitch but is on the left of the foot,  which I'm not use too,  but it isn't a problem.

I'd not used a metal bobbin with a casing since school and found I had to kneel on the floor to get the bobbin in but I'm sure now I know how it works I'll be able to fit it with out looking so closely.

It comes with a dust cover but it is very flimsy.  I brought a large canvas carrying bag for it.  No one seems to sell a sewing machine bag for a 3/4 machine but they are available from the US.

It's small enough to go on a shelf on my work table so it will be easy to get out for even the smallest of jobs.

So far no negatives and I'm more then happy with it.

Sunday, 22 January 2017

Friday, 13 January 2017

New 48th Scale Characters Finished this Week... Adora Bella Minis

I really liked the tiny baskets on wheels I made last week.   So this week I made a few more to go with some Old Dears.

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

More Custom Shapes

I'm now having a go at making the custom shapes using Craft Artist 2 and Photo Shop.

Think this is a little easier.  Still playing around but I do like the 1950's patterns 🙂

Anyones welcome to use them if they are any good.

I'm pasting instructions on my blog so I don't use them.

I purchased a download of illustrator CS2.  I've tried it out before but this time I'm getting to grips with the pen tool and love it.  

Monday, 2 January 2017

Experimenting on ways to make Custom Shapes in Ps CS2

Saving this to my blog as is it's taken me 3 days to work out 🌝 

Many hours & Youtube tutorial watched and I've only these few lines of instructions! 😄

Make a Stencil in Artrage → From any Image or drawing → Save as PNG

Open in Ps CS2

Make a layer → delete all background

Invert Image → Image → Adjustments → Invert

Select all → Magic Tool & hold ↑ highlight all design.

Path → Make path work → Tolerance 0.5 → OK

Edit → Define Custom Shops.

Shape is now in Custom Shape in Ps CS2


Make Line Thicker PS

Filter → Other → Minimum 


I've discovered Adobe Capture 😃 It is a  free phone or ipad app.  

You can take photo's of your drawings and then use the image in photoshop CS2 or any other program you may use.


export all your new icons as a .csh file. 

To do this, go to your ‘Preset Manager’ (under the edit menu) and choose ‘Custom Shapes’ from the ‘Preset Type’ dropdown. From here you should see all your new icons listed (most likely at the end). By holding the ‘Shift’ key you can select multiple icons/shapes, so select all of the icons that you want in your .csh and then hit ‘Save Set’. Save this .csh file to your chosen location.
You now have an icon file that can import all of your favourite icons into Photoshop, wherever you are
                      My very first custom shapes I've made

 I will be adding more here if anyone can use them they are welcome too.  

Sunday, 18 December 2016

2 New 12th Scale witches

They won't be available until the 2nd January '17 from my Online Shop along with a lovely range of 48th Scale characters.