Sunday, 20 November 2016

New Characters for W/E 27th November '16

I'm going to post on my blog during the week as well as my website as I make characters for my Newsletter Customers to see.

If none of them want them during the week they will be up For Sale to everyone on Sunday 27th November at 3 pm UK time.

12th Scale Witch

48th Scale

Now Sold To Newsletter Customer

Now Sold To Newsletter Customer

Now Sold To Newsletter Customer

Now Sold To Newsletter Customer

Now Sold To Newsletter Customer

                                                      Now Sold To Newsletter Customer

Some 48th Scale fabric's I've got ready for printing.  If anyone else can use them please help yourself.

I print out 9 to a A4 sheet.

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Another 12th Scale Witch Just Finished

Just to confirm what I'm doing with my Online Shop.

I get a lot of people very disappointed that they miss out when I send out Newsletters because of the different time zones.

What I'm going to do is as soon as I've finish a character I will put them in my Online Shop and Website as 'Coming Soon' .  Then if someone from my Newsletter fancies anything just message me and I will make them available for you to buy.

I'm afraid if you don't pay straight away someone else is likely to jump in.  Marking them reserved for you is only for a short time,  so please pay quicky if you want them. 

So please if you are after anything  keep a look out on both my website and Online Shop to see what is available.

Newsletter customers will always get first chance to buy when they are listed as'Coming Soon' before they go up For x  


Strip designs for Witches stockings if anyone would like some.  I print out 9 to a A4 sheet of fabric.

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Coming Soon.....

I've got quite a few 48th Scale characters finished and will make them available For Sale soon.

I've struggle with Ghosts as the clay mixtures I've tried in the past (and I've tried plenty) I've never been very happy with.

I've added some Glow in the Dark clay and it gives a lovely smooth finish and takes the paint well.  So I'm very Happy.

My Online Shop

My Website

Friday, 28 October 2016

2 New 12th Scale Witches For Sale

It is with regret I'm not taking on any more commissions or running a 'Wish List'.  Too many folks are asking for copies off previous characters and I'm afraid my heart is not it that sort of work.

Here are two 12th Scale Witches and one little 48th Scale that I've been working very hard on this week.