Saturday, 13 June 2015

Decisions...Decisions What shall I work on for Next Week

I've decided on Ghosts for this coming week,  perhaps something in 12th & 24th Scale. The 24th Scale is for a 'Wish List' customer.

12th Scale Ghost very nearly finished.   I think I might also make her a armchair to rest her weary bones in.
The fabric I made her clothes from I dyed with coffee then splashed with bleach.

I've got her a chair made.

I used a tutorial from Kris's Blog 1 inch minis to make the chair. Kris has many, many fantastic tutorials.  If you have not discovered her Blog yet you had better head on over x

One of the chair foots has come off and an old book has been used to prop it up.  The knitting has a few dropped stitches and has started to unravel at the cast on end. 

This 12th Scale Ghostly Figure will be For Sale in my Online Shop on Saturday 20th June.  She comes with her armchair and knitting. 

Thursday 18th '15

I'm working on some striped & checked fabric designs for 48th Scale Witches and for Old Fellas shirts.  

The programs I use for Checks/Tartans designs is Tartan maker  and for stripes I use  Stripe Generator I then import them into Adobe Photoshop to resize them.  You can download Photoshop CS2 for FREE! 

Then I print them out on to paper first before printing onto the fabric just to make sure the scale is right.


On to some 48th Scale Witches next for a couple of 'Wish List' customers.  Then hopefully still time to work on a 24th Scale Ghost.

Finished Four 48th Scale Witch.  They are on offered to one of my 'Wish List' customers then will be offered to the next customer that has added one to their 'Wish List'.  Any that are not chosen will be available this Saturday 20th June '15 

Now All Sold 

I make all the accessories for my Characters too including the odd ones to go with 48th Scale.  I've pictured some 48th Scale Witches Brooms I finished last night a long side a 12th Scale.

24th Scale Ghost

I could not sleep so kept working on this little 24th Scale Ghost holding her little Ghost Baby for my 'Wish List' customer.  This is the last for the week & I'll soon be starting on next weeks.....


  1. Can't wait to see the (^^)
    Hugs, Irina

  2. I think I've have to give myself a huge shake Irina. I can't seem to get motivated x