Sunday, 7 June 2015

Working towards Saturday 13th June ~ Miniature Character Dolls

This week I'm going to make a couple of 12th Scale Evacuee's.  They are already on my table waiting to be dressed.  A little boy and his slightly older sister.

Today I've made them some tiny needle felted toys to tuck under their arms.  'Toys From Home'
I use kitchen scouring pads to felt teeny items on. They are very handy as they don't take up much space but they do make an annoying squeaking noise as you felt (for others)

Wed Evening 10th June 

My Two evacuees are now completely finished.  They are Brother and sister.  I made the boy another tiny teddy as I thought a grey bear would look better with his outfit.

His Sister I've dressed in a school pinafore dress which I'm quite pleased with.  I'm going to offer them to a 'Wish List' customer & if they are not suitable they will be offered For Sale this Saturday 13th June. 

Now Sold

I've got these 4 x 48th Scale characters finished for Saturdays Sales.  A couple of the fabrics I've completely designed myself.  The pink flower fabric and the green, blue and red spotted one.

Now All Sold

They will be priced at the usual £25 each plus postage and will be available in my Online Shop at 3pm UK time on Saturday 13th June.

2 x 24th Scale Witches finished which will be available tomorrow.  They measure 3" without their hats and come with their Witches Sticks.  They will be priced at £35 plus postage.

Both Now Sold

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