Wednesday, 15 July 2015

I'm Busy working Honestly #AdoraBellaMinis

Early Morning Wednesday 15th July

I'm  making 48th Scale characters this week as I'm get a lot of requests with folks adding themselves to 'Wish Lists'.

I'm also experimenting with Paverpol.  It's advertised as a fabric hardener.

So far I've used it on some fabric to make some tiny 48th Scale Witches hats.  It makes the fabric stiff and it does not fray.

Also I read you can (but only on one review so far)  use it on polymer clay.  The strength of fingers on my characters has always worried me.  So I wondered if it would strengthen the clay if I painted it on.

Well the results are good it Does strengthen the clay.  The only problem is Paverpol has a high Gloss finish to it.  Next experiment will be to see if painting just the palms & fingers of the hands so the gloss finish will not be visible but will still strengthen the clay enough.

Check out what amazing things can be made using Paverpol  When I have some free time I'm going to play properly.

Thursday 16th July

I was up very early to get another little character dressed.  I'm hopping to get some more of my request finished for my 'Wish List' customers in 48th Scale. I'm on to a couple of Witches next

Here is what I've finished so far

Now Sold

Now Sold

All Three Now Sold

Now Sold

Now Sold

Thats it all my 'Wish List'  characters made for the week :)  Really need to get into the garden today it's in need of a good old tidy up!

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