Monday, 27 July 2015

Now for a sort out of paperwork #AdoraBellaMinis

Monday Morning 27th July '15

Now all my craft stash is tidy it's time to sort out my paper work on my computer.  I switched over to keeping my 'Wish List' details from excel to Evernote (there is a free version) last year,  but I've noticed photo's and parts of messages are missing :(  and generally it does look a bit of a pigs ear! so I've been looking around for another program.

I'm running Vista so I couldn't download the new version of Onenote on to my computer.  Then I realize I had a 2007 copy on a disc and it was already installed on my computer :) Fancy that!!!

I'm now busy copying all my 'Wish List' over.  I do like it better. 

My first characters Finished for the week.  They are for a 'Wish List' customer and she asked for a Woodland Fairy and a Beach Fairy :)

Now Sold

For the tiny fairy wings I used semi opaque flower/gift wrap then I spread some glue on one side & sprinkled them with some glitter.

Finished dressing Four Little one's at long last.  

Wish List customers have been emailed to see if any are suitable for their projects.

3 Now Sold

Update on experimenting with Paverpol  For Dolls Hands

On the 15th July I made a couple of pair of 12th Scale hands and painted the palms & fingers of the hands and the front of the fingers with paverpol to see if it would strengthen them.  

Paverpol is meant to harden fully over a couple of weeks (I think that was the time scale)  Well this morning on having another test of the strength. I'm amazed...... They are extremely strong.

The Downside

Paverpol is glossy.  So from now onwards I'll paint just the palms and underside of the fingers.

Experimenting with Premo Sculpey.

The next experiment was with some Premo Sculpey.  I was reading a ladies blog that makes clay buttons using Premo.  She say's she had found it the strongest of all clays and even said it could be put through the washing machine!

I brought the beige which is not a good match for the Livingdoll I normally use.  I did half Premo and half Livingdoll.  The colour came out perfect & on the first pressure test on the fingers they do seem stronger than the 100% Livingdoll.

I've now ordered some of the Ecru to see if I can get a good colour match so I can use all Premo for my hands.

The ones on the right I've painted and applied the Paverpol too and as you can see the front of the fingers are too glossy.


  1. Adoro tus "personajes" ... son tan humanos !
    Muchas gracias por los tutoriales para teñir telas. Los colores que has conseguido son deliciosos. Mariajo

    1. You are more then welcome Meapuntoatodo & Thank You ♥