Sunday, 19 July 2015

It's Sunday Morning & Very Early #AdoraBellaMinis

Thank you to everyone that has sent in requests to be added to 'Wish Lists' over night.  I've got quite a few and they are all for 48th Scale.  This seems to be my most popular scale amongst my customers now.

I've been doing a bit of research this morning as I would like to dye some very small quantities of fabric.  I was wondering if you could still buy those tiny round Dylon dyes now a days?????

Then I thought is there a way to dye your own fabric with acyclic paint without it going stiff.  I found this  You Tube Video   It's so easy if a bit messy :)

A bit more research. After deciding I would have to use quite a lot of Rubbing Alcohol & really it's not a very nice product to handle.  I've decided to have ago using the fabric textile medium but I'll have to order some before I can give it a try :( 

Looking through my craft supplies I have some Folkart extender and on Googling it it can also be used as a fabric medium.  It's only a tiny bottle but thats plenty!

A selection of fabric painted and drying on my makeshift washing line :)

After the fabric dried I gave it a rinse in cold water, salt and white vinegar.  It has been very successful.

Well I've not stopped all day and I'm so pleased with this pair of  Medieval Characters in 48th Scale.  These are the little characters I made the fabric for :)

Made for a 'Wish List' Customer

Now Sold

Wednesday 22nd July '15 Morning

Not up as early as normal.  On checking emails & a quick look on FB I noticed a advert for Craftsy I had heard of it and I think I have even visited it before but the draw of a free pattern was too much :)

I've downloaded the Free Mini Purse pattern & also the Eyeglass Case

Here is a little of what Craftsy is about I'm a huge fan already.  

Back to work.  I've got a 48th Scale Witch to finish for a 'Wish List' customer and two 12th Scale characters that came out of the oven yesterday to put together.

48th Scale Witch Finished
On offer to 'Wish List' Customer.

Now Sold

Another long day dressing this 12th Scale Character and I think she will fit into any era from the 1940's onwards.  I really did enjoy dressing her.   

Why is creating such a roller coaster one minute I'm thrilled then another I'm not sure.  Then as soon as I take  photo's  & it's Oh she won't sell :(  Does everyone feel like this?

She is  Priced at £75 plus postage.

Now Sold

Thursday Evening Over the last 2 weeks I've not managed to get anything made for my Online Sales on a Saturday afternoon as most of my time is taken up with 'Wish List' requests at the moment.  

When I've completed a 'Wish List' now I've emailed a photo to the customer then popped them in my Online Shop reserving them for that particular customer.   This seems to be working quite well and is making good use of my shop.  

I've decided for the moment to abandon Saturday Sales so I can keep up with my 'Wish List'  and anything extra I will just list in my shop whenever I get a extra character made.

I've also given myself a pay rise and my 12th Scale characters have gone up to £75 the 24th Scale and 48th Scale will remain the same price. 

I have a few folks with a 12th Scale Witches on a 'Wish List' but this character does not really fit in with any of the requests so she is now available in my Online Shop.  

Now Sold

Saturday 25th July

Last little 48th Scale Witch for a 'Wish List' customer.  Now I can start planing what I'm going to be working on next week.

I've been sorting out all my miniature fabrics for most of the day and putting them into the plastic storage boxes rather than having them individual boxes in the cupboard.  Hopefully this will help me keep a lot tidier and no one will break there neck tripping over my boxes that are usually piled up all over the floor! while I'm searching for one particular fabric!

I've moved all my wool and electric gadgets that I don't use so often into the cupboard.

Going to start working on some fabric designs next.  I've just found this VERY Useful Site.  

 I find it hard to to find the right colour combinations from the usual colour wheels.   This little beauty you can just upload any picture and it gives you all the colour codes.  Makes it very easy & will save so much time :)

Sunday morning 2.30 am I can't sleep so I'm going to try and sort my craft cupboards out next!