Monday, 6 July 2015

Working on 48th Scale 'Wish List' Characters

I've been working over the week-end on several 48th Scale characters that folks have added to their 'Wish Lists'  They will soon be ready for the oven.

I must make up some more designs for fabrics today and if the sun shines brightly make some more tiny 48th Scale eyes.  They set much quicker in the sun then using the UV nail art lamp.

I can't believe how many folks have added their names to my Newsletter.  10 all ready this month and most of them come in over the week-end!  Thank you everyone ♥ 

My 12th Scale Ghost Figure didn't sell on Saturday to any of my customers.  So I've given him a little outing on eBay to do a bit of Advertising for me.

I really am pleased with him and hope there is a Haunted house or Attic out there waiting for him x

First 48th Scale finished.  A little Wizard to go with the Witch and her Daughter made last week.

Now All Sold

Got four 48th Scale 'Wish List' Witches finished.  I've started to send out emails for my customers to choose, that's if they like them.

I've been working for 12 hours today so will start on their brooms tomorrow.

No 1, 2 & 3 Now Sold

I really should make a few more so the next 'Wish List' customer has a few to choose from.

Thursday 9th July Morning Bright and Early!!!!!

Well I'm now so far be-hide.  Here's hoping we can get something done for my week-end sales.

We took delivery of a mini Campervan yesterday & Oh she's a little beauty.   Tiny but perfect ;)  So it was a grand sorting out day of the Garage and Attic so we can squeeze all the camping paraphernalia in.

Saturday 11th July

It's Paul's Birthday ♥

Oh Dear I've not got anything done AGAIN!  I'm afraid there will be nothing new available this week :(

A replacement Vonshef 7 litre Halogen oven arrived yesterday.  The first one the lid didn't fit and could turn it's self completely over!!!!!!

The second one didn't fit well but I thought it might just be OK.  So I made some clay hands to test it out.  I set it to the correct temperature for the clay and after 45mins it only reached 50c!

I'm so disappointed as this size would have been ideal to take camping so I could do a little work while we are away.

I do have a larger Halogen oven.  It's a 12 litre made by Lowry.  With a oven thermometer and a tinfoil tent over the clay it works well.  It also saves you so much on electricity.

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