Monday, 17 August 2015

I Hope to get more done this week than last! Can't get any less! #adorabellaminis

Last week I was a little down,  doubts about my work (which I often get) plus I felt dizzy and a little bit squeezee for most of the week.

New day and a new week. :)

I was up early and finished off a 12th Scale Character.  Now it's time to settle down and get on with my 24th Scale characters for my 'Wish List' customer & friend.

These little toadstools I made over the week-end and I'm going to use them on Witches hats and baskets.....

Here is my 12th Scale 1940s Old Dear all Finished and on eBay 

Now Sold

Well my Old dear sold quickly on eBay so that has given me the boost I was needing.

Thursday Morning 20th August '15

I'm waiting for my fabric to dry so I can print a design for a little 24th Scale Character I'm working on.

I must not think of research as wasting time!

I spend so much time searching the internet for solutions for things I wish to do.  My latest waste of time Ermmm I mean research has been based around my desire to own Adobe Illustrator CC.   It really just the Pattern Generator I covert!
but.... 1. Firstly it's far too Expensive for me.

2. I'm not bright enough to get enough use out of it to justify the cost.

3. The designs I want to create have to be quite simple because of the scale I'm working in.

Here is an tutorial of the sort of thing you can achieve. See how easy the new feature makes it!

Well I found this little Gem.  It's called Patternico.

Now it is a little Gem because you can add your own shapes and backgrounds to design patterns for fabric.

So in Photoshop CS2 (free) using the shape tool and colour the shape and then save the components.

If you Google Free shapes for photoshop cs2 you can build up quite a library of shapes to use.

Now I've told you this is basic!

Both these shapes are made in photoshop CS2  on a transparent background and you MUST save them as a PNG to use them in Patternico.

I like to make an outline around the shapes to make them stand out a little more because the scale is so small.

 You can duplicate your shapes reposition them and add a background colour all in Patternico.  Then save your seamless tile.

Open Photoshop CS2 again and using define pattern to save in photoshop.

Open a New page.   Then layer - New Fill layer - Pattern.  Then scale your design down.

Design done for a 24th Scale Old Dear's  nightdress.

Two 24th Scale characters finished one more to go.

These two need a little introduction Hahaha

The Old Dear has just seen a Ghost.  I've made her nightdress out of the fabric I printed out this morning.
The Old Fella is a corpse and he will be going in a coffin.

Other free and very useful sites I found to help with fabric designs

Plaidmaker love this.

FastStone Capture  I love this too. Click on settings and there is also a colour picker & a screen ruler.

Hailpixel Also love this :)

Friday 21st August '15

Last one of the 24th Scale Finished.  Hunch back Ghost.

Saturday 22nd August '15

Starting on 48th Scale 'Wish List' Characters that I've received in the last couple of weeks and perhaps I'll do a few for eBay.


  1. Oh Joy if you ever need those doubts squished please know I love your dolls!!! Both the ladies you have made me (1/48 scale witch and 1/12 scale witch with rounded shoulders in a maroon sweater) are soo sweet and the details you add really give them their own individual personalities. I must say they are fitting in quite well with their neighbors and Hildie (1/12 witch) has even found a little doll that sits in her apron pocket. Again thank you for creating such wonderful wee little folks that bring smiles to my face every time I pass their little houses.
    Mini huggs

    1. Oh Thank you so very much for your kind words ♥♥♥♥