Monday, 10 August 2015

Start of another Busy Week....Miniature baskets and 48th Scale so far. #adorabellaminis

Over the week-end I got a few 48th Scale Characters baked ready to dress for a couple of new 'Wish List' customers and also some tiny mushrooms started.

I was thinking maybe I could add some mushrooms to a Witches hat and possibly into a basket.

Also I'm going to be working on 24th Scale.  I've three very interesting little characters to make.

Experimenting making some 12th Scale Witches Baskets

I've made some clay forms in 3 slightly different shapes.  I stuck some cocktail sticks in them just to make it easier to work on and to allow them to dry properly.  I'm going to use some of the muslin I dyed the other week and coat them with the fabric hardener Paverpol.

I'm quite pleased how the baskets are coming out so far they are quite neat.  I've still got the handles and rim to finish of on two of them.

Three 48th Scale Old Dears finished and they are on offer to two 'Wish List' customers so they can choose.

All Sold

It's been a bad week this week I'm not at all happy with anything I'm trying to make.  So nothing else finished this week hopefully next will be much more positive.

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