Sunday, 2 August 2015

Working on a 12th Scale Witch this morning #adorabellaminis

Sunday Morning very early :) 

I've already got my Witch in the oven.  I think I'll be working for most of the day on her.  

I got some more muslin dyed yesterday.  I think I was a little mean with the extender as it's all come out a little stiffer then I would have like.  I will have to invest in a larger bottle fabric textile medium.  

I hope no one minds my ramblings. 

Finished my 12th Scale Witch. I popped her in my shop for a day and advertised her well,  but unfortunately no one liked her enough to give her a home. 

3.30 am Monday Morning 3rd August '15  

Now Sold
My customer whom brought her has named her Great Aunt Hattie 

Five 48th Scale Characters all finished. They are now available in my Online Shop

Now All Sold

Friday 7th Aug

Dressing another 12th Scale Witch this morning. Shes a little Gardening Witch so needs some boots and a sunflower for her hat.

I'm going to try to make the sunflower out of clay and then paint it.

Here is My Sunflower Gardening Witch.

For Sale in my Online Shop £75 plus postage
Her Rusty Old Can is for Display Only 

Now Sold

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