Tuesday, 15 September 2015

From Clothespin Dolls to Tiny 12th Scale Dolls #adorabellaminis

I started with the idea of making a doll to go with a clothespin doll but soon I realized they would make sweet little 12th Scale Dolls House Dolls.  They will be perfect to go with the 12th Scale Evacuee's I make from time to time.

At the week-end I'm off to a bead shop and I'll be on the look out for some tiny beads that I make smaller dolls out of.

Maybe if I get them to just under 1 1/2" they will make ideal 48th Scale Dolls.

These ones are 2" tall and are pictured on a 12th Scale Chair.

I'm going to list them in my Online Shop at £15 plus postage before I make some more to see if any of my customers will like them.
All Sold Now 

Wednesday Morning 16th Sept '15

My little Dolls where a hit and they all sold so I'll be making a few more this week.

Today I'm going to get on with four 48th Scale Ghosts that I started last week & I'm going to have a go at scanning some of my fabrics to then print them out to use on 48th Scale.

I could not resist making a few more :)

All the fabric used here I've scanned from my own fabric then scaled it down to size and printed it out.

All Sold Now

If I can just get a bit more work done I'm going to have the week-end off.

I'd like to have a go at patchwork but it needs to be something small as I don't have much time.   I really would like to try this tutorial

Faux Cathedral Windows Pincushion Tutorial

Finished for the Week-end :):):) Just got a mountain of tiding away to do then I'm done!

This are 48th Scale Ghosts which are on offer to a 'Wish List' customer to see first.



  1. You certainly deserve a weekend off ♥
    If anyone can pull off that lovely pincushion - it's you Mrs Cox ;-)

  2. Your clothespin dolls are really gorgeous, I love them.