Monday, 5 October 2015

48th Scale Children were a success on eBay

I'm so pleased my new 48th Scale Children sold well on eBay.   I've now been working on some more.

Ebay is the ideal place to try new things out to get a feel for how many folks might be interested & the price to sell them at.

I think I might pop some on eBay every now and then.

These two a brother & sister I've just finished for a friend.  It was very hard to get them to balance on my finger and take the photo :)  The little boy is just 1".  A quarter of an inch smaller than my last one and he is still very poseable .  I'm really pleased.

They have clay heads and wired limbs, hands & feet.

All Sold

These three have been very popular.  They are sold and I've received a couple more requests to make sets of all three.

Both Sold

I've decided as these little ones are so popular to go back to Saturday Sales on my Website.  Anything I make will be listed at 3 pm UK time.

Saturday 10th October '15

I'm just started to take photo's of all the 48th Scale Characters that will be available later today at 3pm UK time.   Wired hand and feet characters are £15 each and the full clay Granny is £25 plus postage.

These two will be sold as a pair at £30 plus postage

The children are £15 each & Granny is £25 plus postage.

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