Sunday, 25 October 2015

Issue 56 of AIM free iMag is available to download and read now.

Issue 56 of AIM Free iMag  is available to download and read now.

I sent in some photo's of some of my 48th Scale characters which they very kindly added to this Issue.

Adora Bella Minis Newsletter sent out today with some important Christmas News.

48th Scale Characters Ready so far for this Saturdays Sales 31st Oct '15

I ran out of time to up date my blog because of the sudden death of my computer :(

I'm now up and running again thanks to my husband for giving me his laptop ♥  He didn't use it in fact didn't like the machine,  but I love it now I've got use to it ;)

I managed to get some more Elves finished and by taking off the white trim and adding a little gold bead for a bell I was very happy with them in the end.


  1. R.I.P. Joy's computer - Long live the laptop ;-) xxxx