Monday, 16 November 2015

STILL experimenting with 48th Scale Children

Clay feet and now the eyes a little better..... I think.  The little girl in the red dress has the original black eyes the others have the new ones in.  I'm quite pleased with how they have turned out.

A few for 'Wish List' customer then the rest will be for next Saturday's Online sales.  My last for 2015.


This Saturday 21st November '15 will be the last Online Sale before the New Year I'm afraid.  Also I'm not taking any more 'Wish List, orders for Christmas now.  

I don't like posting abroad during December as I can't guarantee delivery times.  So instead I will be working on the Christmas Orders I've already received plus making a selection of prizes for the winner of both my Christmas Draws to choose from.

Also hopeful I'll be able to get a lovely selection of characters made for the new year.  Gosh after writing that I realize that's a lot of work for just one month!

If you want to keep up with what I'm creating in December I'll be posting photo's on my Blog.

Thank you to everyone that has supported me over the last Black heart (cards) 
Christmas Customer Draw
For every purchases made from me though out 2015 will entitle you to another entry into the draw.  For some customers that's a lot of entries Black heart (cards) 

There will be only one winner I'm afraid  but I'm hoping to make a good selection of characters for the winner to choose from. 

The draw will take place on the 23rd December '15
Newsletter Draw
As a small Thank You to everyone that opens my Newsletters there will be another little draw.  

Again only one winner I'm afraid.  I will probably make a selection of 48th Scale characters for the winner to choose from.

To make it fair it is only for the subscribers that open my newsletters.  

The draw will take place on the 23rd December '15

Wednesday 18th Nov '15

Oh Dear my halogen oven gave up the ghost yesterday :(  It was only a very cheap one from Morrisons but it had served me very well.  

I  was in the middle of baking so had to use my main oven in the Kitchen & it brought home to me how amazing these hologen ovens are for baking your clay.  No bobbing up & down continuously to keep your eye on the temperature it fits nicely on a  work-top where you are working.  Heats up a lot quicker than your main oven and uses a lot less energy. 

I did quite a bit of Internet research & the best Halogen oven I could find at a good price was a Russel Hobbs one from Curry's.   It was a lot cheaper than most places  and FREE NEXT DAY delivery!

The other oven I was considering was a Andres James with a Hinged lid,  which would be a lot safer.  It also had a easily replaceable spare bulb,  but at £20 more I decided against it.

Once it arrives TODAY :) I will do some test bakes and will let you know how well it preforms.

Friday 20th Nov '15

One of my customers sent me a photo of her 48th Scale house from Petite Properties she has just finished.  Isn't it the sweetest house,  I  love the door especially.

The proud new owners are Mrs Smith and her Granddaughter.

Photo's all taken of the 48th Scale Characters I've made for this week.  Sale starts at 3pm UK time tomorrow Saturday 21st Nov '15


  1. It's lovely! Lucky Mrs Smith (and her Granddaughter) xxx

    1. It's a gorgeous little house isn't it. I would love to live there too :D