Monday, 21 December 2015

The Last 12th Scale Character finished for Adora Bella Minis Christmas Draw.

This little one didn't come together very easily but I got there in the end.

I've pictured her with her Great Gran and Granddad.


I'm going to send out a Newsletter today to number all the different Characters that will be available to choose from.  I will also post it on here and on my website.

I've got another 3 little charity eBay auction running for Lincolnshire Rescue Kennels if anyone has any spare cash after Christmas and would like to support a few dogs in there care until they are adopted.

Thank you so much everyone that bid and to the lovely lady that won all 3 AuctionsThey made a total of £58.50 after all ebay and Paypal fees and the donation has been sent via Paypal to the Kennels .


Hello Everyone

First of all I have another three 48th Scale Children on eBay to try to raise a little more money for the dogs at Lincolnshire Rescue Kennels

I've now finished all the Characters for the Christmas Draws to make it easier for the Winners I've numbered them all.

Both the draws will take place on the 23rd of December '15 using a random number generator to make it very 
Christmas Customer Draw
For every purchases made from me though out 2015 will entitle you to another entry into the draw.  For some customers that's a lot of entries ♥ 

There will be only one winner I'm afraid  but I'm hoping to make a good selection of characters for the winner to choose from. 

The draw will take place on the 23rd December '15
Characters to choose from 12th Scale or 48th
Newsletter Draw
As a small Thank You to everyone that opens my Newsletters there will be another little draw.

Again only one winner I'm afraid.  A selection of 48th Scale characters for the winner to choose 2 characters from.

To make it fair it is only for the subscribers that open my newsletters.  I'll use a random number generator to make it very fair.

The draw will take place on the 23rd December '15 
A small selection finished of 1 1/4"  Characters

Finished for the Newsletter Draw

Adora Bella Minis Christmas Draws are all set up now and ready to be drawn on 23rd Dec '15. I use so it's all Fair and Square x

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