Friday, 15 January 2016

Latest News

Customers that have signed up to Adora Bella Minis Newsletter will be able to purchase Characters from my Online Shop before the Saturday Sales.

To find out what is going to be available you could keep an eye on my website as I post photo as soon as they are finished.

I will also send out a Newsletter.

What do I have to do buy early?

Sign up to Adora Bella's Newsletter

If you see something you would like to purchase early from my Online Shop.  Drop me a message.

I will then make the character available for you to buy from my Online Shop.

I will add Reserved and your Name.  I'll leave it open for an hour to give you plenty off time.   I'm afraid Reserving for you does not mean someone else might spot it's available and nab it before you.  So please purchase as soon as you can.

Important Note

As I advertise else where you can only buy early up until Friday3pm UK time.  Every character unsold will be available on Saturday 3pm Uk Time

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