Thursday, 17 November 2016

Another 12th Scale Witch Just Finished

Just to confirm what I'm doing with my Online Shop.

I get a lot of people very disappointed that they miss out when I send out Newsletters because of the different time zones.

What I'm going to do is as soon as I've finish a character I will put them in my Online Shop and Website as 'Coming Soon' .  Then if someone from my Newsletter fancies anything just message me and I will make them available for you to buy.

I'm afraid if you don't pay straight away someone else is likely to jump in.  Marking them reserved for you is only for a short time,  so please pay quicky if you want them. 

So please if you are after anything  keep a look out on both my website and Online Shop to see what is available.

Newsletter customers will always get first chance to buy when they are listed as'Coming Soon' before they go up For x  


Strip designs for Witches stockings if anyone would like some.  I print out 9 to a A4 sheet of fabric.


  1. Oh my... Here I am drooling again... (^^)
    What a darling! She's so perfect! On her way to a shop or picking some mushrooms from the nearby woods I think.. Or maybe a visit to a herb garden..
    You have such an eye for picking just perfect prints and colors for your lovelies - time after time I keep admiring it.
    Thank you for the stripe designs :)
    Hugs, Irina

  2. Thank you so much Narina ♥ You are always so kind xxxx

    My husband is going to buy me a drawing slate for Christmas and Birthday that I can use with my computer so I hope in the New Year I'll be able to make up my own fabric designs for miniatures :) they will be available to download from my blog. That's if they are any good :)