Monday, 2 January 2017

Experimenting on ways to make Custom Shapes in Ps CS2

Saving this to my blog as is it's taken me 3 days to work out 🌝 

Many hours & Youtube tutorial watched and I've only these few lines of instructions! 😄

Make a Stencil in Artrage → From any Image or drawing → Save as PNG

Open in Ps CS2

Make a layer → delete all background

Invert Image → Image → Adjustments → Invert

Select all → Magic Tool & hold ↑ highlight all design.

Path → Make path work → Tolerance 0.5 → OK

Edit → Define Custom Shops.

Shape is now in Custom Shape in Ps CS2


Make Line Thicker PS

Filter → Other → Minimum 


I've discovered Adobe Capture 😃 It is a  free phone or ipad app.  

You can take photo's of your drawings and then use the image in photoshop CS2 or any other program you may use.


export all your new icons as a .csh file. 

To do this, go to your ‘Preset Manager’ (under the edit menu) and choose ‘Custom Shapes’ from the ‘Preset Type’ dropdown. From here you should see all your new icons listed (most likely at the end). By holding the ‘Shift’ key you can select multiple icons/shapes, so select all of the icons that you want in your .csh and then hit ‘Save Set’. Save this .csh file to your chosen location.
You now have an icon file that can import all of your favourite icons into Photoshop, wherever you are
                      My very first custom shapes I've made

 I will be adding more here if anyone can use them they are welcome too.  

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