Thursday, 16 March 2017

A Friends New Etsy Store for Unique Magic and miniatures in 1/12 scale.

One of my lovely customers has just recently opened a New Etsy Store.  Unique Magic and Miniatures in 12th Scale.

Her Shop is Called  BibbidiBobbidiBooCo.

Here is one of her amazing pieces a 1/12 scale miniature toad and toadstool book
resting in the lap of a sleeping Witch.  The detail in her work is wonderful.

Look at the detail in this!!!!

Miniature dolls house Dragon Keeper's chest

A lovely wooden chest with tiny brass buckles and faux leather straps containing everything for a would-be Dragon Keeper (including heavy duty gloves!).

Perfect for a wizard scene.
The wooden box has been stained and waxed and has faux leather straps and buckles. It has a lift out tray containing a magnifying glass, wand, vial of dragon blood and a key.
Underneath there is a dragon egg in straw, waiting to hatch. I'm not sure of the breed unfortunately!
The egg is made from polymer clay.
There is a pair of nice heavy gloves made from faux dragon skin to protect against burns and dragon bites.... (The gloves are for display only)
There are also aged scrolls printed on parchment paper and individually aged.


  1. Thank you so much Joy, you're so kind! And of course my lovely witch inspired the book :) xx

    1. Good Luck with your New Etsy Store Kim I know everything is going to fly off the shelves xxxxx

  2. I've just discovered your site. I love your dolls. They have such great character and look like people I'd like to know and maybe have. Keep up the good work!

  3. Sorry Esther I've only just seen your message. Thank you so much it's so kind of you ♥