Thursday, 5 October 2017

Terrible trouble with Online Selling Carts

For a few years now I've been selling my little Characters using Cartel Online shopping cart.   They were giving you the option of using the 'Standard'  Paypal cart which was brilliant for the way I sell as it didn't over sell.

They are now going over to Express Paypal 😢  I'm afraid all though I will still sell on a Sunday I can't state the exact time.  It will just be AM or PM and I will send out a Newsletter to all those that have signed up to let you know what I have coming up For Sale.

I get a large number of emails asking why I didn't sell on eBay so if I manage to get a reasonable amount made I will each week try to list a few on eBay with a starting bid of 99p.

I'm now use Freewebstore for my Online shopping cart which again WILL over sell if anyone tries to buy at exactly the same moment.  So please bear with me if this does happen.

Last Sunday's Characters.   All Sold to Newsletter Customers.

On eBay

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